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Astro-Spiritual Services

Astrology and Spirituality -- do they mix? Davie has an unique approach to astrology that blends the two. His focus is on using positive astrological indicators to brighten your spiritual path. Using a combination of astrological data and guidance from the spiritual world, Davie focuses on empowering you to shift your awareness towards opening yourself to more light from Spirit.

What’s a typical a reading like? Davie starts out with your most exact harmonious planetary natal aspect. This starting point, the Astonishing Aspect, is the most fortunate gift that is flowing in your life. 

Where did this gift come from?  Well, you gave it to yourself! As you were incarnating, you picked the exact time to be born so that particular gift would be available to you. We call it your Astonishing Aspect! It is a gift that you set up to discover and use for more joy in life.  

In analyzing your chart and giving you an Astonishing Aspect reading, Davie takes one of your goals and shows you how you can progress towards it by making use of your Astonishing Aspect. Once you see how your gift can be used as a tool to give you more awareness on your life's journey, you will be able to use it forever in many other ways.

How to get started.  To get an Astonishing Aspect reading, contact Davie via email. He will reply with a short list of information for you to provide him so that he can find your Astonishing Aspect.

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Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life

The Astrologer

Davie Pfaffle has been immersed in the study of astrology and spiritual growth for almost 40 years.   His desire is to "share the magic" of life with everyone.


After asking many people what their birth signs were and noting the charac-teristics they manifest, he soon was able to guess their signs with a high degree of accuracy. He's found it a great way to get to know people as well as verify how astrology really does work!


Davie wrote the book: "Your Lucky Jupiter and Astrology." He also writes an e-newsletter from time to time. You can sign up for it and purchase the book on his website.


In his life, as well as through astrology and doing soul guiding with his wife, Joyce, Davie has made it his mission to only focus on the positive. He believes it's the key to being happy!



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