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Connecting to the Spiritual World Through the Five Senses

An Enlightening Book to Direct the Guidance
You Are Already Getting as
Goosebumps, Tingles, Warm Sweet Chills,
Pulsations, Sounds, or Flashes of Light

Book Description
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Spirit is trying to get through to us all the time, but are we too busy to answer the call? Those calls from the Divine come in through our bodily sensations and feelings -- and if we don't answer, if we put the call on hold, well, we're missing the chance to connect with Source! Literally!

This book, GodBumps, defines and explains the various types of sensations and what they might be trying to get through to us. In addition, it identifies three different GodBump levels we might attain as we get comfortable with and interact with Spirit. The book also has suggestions on how to go about this so we can develop a higher level of consciousness and communicate with Source, as a friend, on a regular basis.

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The Nine PLUTO Gifts on the Path to Awakening. The first in a series of nine books which focus on making use of the gifts we each received at birth as planetary aspects. This one features Pluto and its harmonious relationships to the other planets. Pluto is the planet of transformation, so this is the perfect book to help us understand the dynamic changes and higher consciousness that the shift of December 21-22, 2012 brought about. Delightful to read and easy to understand.

The Authors

Davie Pfaffle was searching for inner guidance all his life. That and his desire to make a difference led him to becoming a Rosicrucian and later to other spiritual paths. He knew he would find the way with the help of Spirit. After his first wife went through transition in 1998, he got in tune with Spirit and felt its Divine Love with warm, sweet, chills in his back. In 2007, 2008 and again in 2013, he and his wife Joyce went to the Oneness University in India where they studied the teachings of Sri Amma and Sri Bhagavan and became Oneness Blessing (deeksha) givers and were awakened. Davie is deeply committed to the awakening of self and supports others in their quest.  He is the also author of Your Lucky Jupiter & Astrology and co-author of  GodBumps and The Nine Pluto Gifts on the Path to Awakening with Joyce.

 Joyce Pfaffle sees herself as a communicator and spiritual seeker. She has a master's degree in communication, a doctorate in spiritual studies in the area of New Thought and is currently studying with the Builders of the Adytum mystery school and A Course in Miracles. Over the years, she has used her writing skills for magazine publishing, website creation, journalism, book writing and editing. She wrote the workbook, Writing Your Chakras and The ABC's of Ascension and also co-authored GodBumps and The Nine Pluto Gifts on the Path to Awakening with her husband, Davie. With him, she also received oneness blessing training in India and is committed to the awakening of the planet into oneness and the emergence of the true Self.  

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