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Below are links to some of our favorite spiritual sites, along with YouTube
videos and slide shows that we've collected over the years.

Oneness Links

Oneness University, India. Home of the Oneness Phenomenon.

Oneness USA - If you are called to go to India for training or awakening courses, this site is a necessary first step.  It also contains basic Oneness information and sites of chambers, etc.

San Francisco Bay Area Oneness Site -
Central source of information for all Oneness events and news, as well as locations of sacred chambers for the entire SF Bay Area.
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Midwestern USA Oneness Site -- If you live in the heartland, the Midwest, you will find this site helpful in finding deeksha events and circles, locations of sacred chambers and other Oneness information.

Oneness Florida Website - This site contains a treasure trove of Oneness articles and videos of the teachings of the phenomenon. It is also where you will find what is going on with Oneness in Florida and elsewhere, how to schedule sessions with Michael Milner and much, much more.  Very comprehensive site.

Newsletter of Oneness Meditations (OM's) and transcriptions or videos of darshans world-wide  Subscribing to this email service is an excellent way to connect with what is going on world-wide with Oneness. The emails also include transcripts of darshans with Bhagavan. Noni Kaufman is the provider of this service.

The World Oneness Community  This is a wonderful site for all those interested in Oneness where we can connect with each other, view the world's largest collection of Oneness videos, recorded webcasts, transcripts, photos, blogs and more. It also has a Facebook page.


Sacred Chambers

Sacred Chambers Locations - World Wide
     It is necessary to provide your email address for this site. 

Sacred Chambers  Locations - USA and Canada  


Davie Pfaffle's Oneness Links & Info

Davie Pfaffle's Facebook Site for Sharing of Sacred Chambers' Experiences

Davie Pfaffle's Q&A, Oneness Awakened Deeksha Daily Livestream 10am EDT
           Livestream requires creating an account. There is no cost.

Davie Pfaffle & Joyce Pfaffle's GodBumps book (spectacular!!)

Davie Pfaffle's Facebook Awakening Permanently Group - a friendly FB site to share what is going on in Oneness, find out about new events and get to know others. Comments, questions and experiences with awakening or the Divine Presence are welcomed.

Davie Pfaffle's YouTube Channel for Oneness Music Videos. This channel contains inspirational music Davie has gathered onto this channel. Much of the music is used by Oneness Meditators and blessing givers in their oneness activities.

Recommended Oneness Trainer Links

Michael Milner's Livestream - If you are new to Oneness or a long-time devotee, you will be inspired by Michael's Livestreams. He has a knack for providing easy-to-understand responses to any question about Oneness, awakening and the condition of the human spirit. His genuine enthusiasm and lovingness exemplifies his awakened presence.  He is highly trained as a Certified Advanced Trainer and is a Oneness Meditator as well.

Eric Isen's Livestream - Eric is a skilled Ayurvedic healer and also an Certified Advanced Oneness Trainer and Oneness Meditator. He provides articulate and detailed responses to advanced and often technical, questions on all aspects of Oneness but also just the basics as needed. He and his wife, Ellen, also host a sacred chambers in San Diego.


Other YouTube Videos, Photo and Slide Shows

Leonard Cohen's "Halleluiah" with lyrics of the Passion/Easter Story of JesusBeautiful and awe-inspiring. The story of the creation of the lyrics is part of this video.  This is an approved lyrical adaptation of Cohen's original song and is done by Kelley Mooney and a girl's choir in New Brunswick, Canada.

Human Rain - a wonderfully creative video of humans making rain. Short and inspirational!  YouTube

A Babbling Baby to feed your soul! A real-life video of a baby who has learned to communicate in her own, soul-felt way. Look at how her daddy proudly beams when she opens her mouth!  YouTube

A Joyous Wedding - Oh what fun! Be sure to watch this YouTube and read this excerpt from a 7/25/09 Washington Post article by Sarah Kaufman: "With their squeezed-tight knees and vigorously swinging backsides, the ushers do Usher one better. Wearing pink dresses and dark glasses, the bridesmaids swivel and high-step down the aisle with deadpan gyrations, like voyagers from the House of Honeymoon. The groom turns a somersault and coolly spins off to the altar, adjusting his tie.  And when the bride makes her entrance, white satin churning as she shifts into hip-slinging overdrive, pumping her bouquet in the air to the beat of Chris Brown's "Forever," she gets the standing ovation she deserves...." 

Christian the Lion - Think animals don't have souls? Watch this video and then think again!   If you haven't seen this before, the story is of a young couple who rescued a young lion in captivity, took care of it and finally released it into the jungle. Years later they came back to where it was released and hoped to find it.  That's the amazing part -- unforgettable! 

Polar Bears and Tethered Dogs - another animal show of love -- this one is a pdf file that requires Adobe Reader.

The State of Oneness -is a seven minute inspirational slide show on the state of oneness and ascension.

I Choose Love - You can't miss this YouTube presentation. It's seven minutes of inspiring music and images. Also check out its home site: \

What God Wants -- God talks to us, tongue in cheek, in this PowerPoint presentation with music. Let us know if this gives you GodBumps, OK?   Requires a free Powerpoint Viewer--for Windows only.

If you know of any links or videos or slide shows that you want to share, please contact us!



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