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The 78 Paths of Wisdom Guidance

Tarot as Soul Guidance

Tarot can really be a window to the soul. As the seeker who has a question to ask, when you sit down with us you become part of the process of getting the answer. We first ask Spirit to be with us and to send us clear guidance as we lay out the cards. Then together with you, we "read" the cards, using the card's symbols, as well as our intuition and understanding of the situation at hand.  You are very important in that process.

What to Expect: From the readings, you will gain insight into your issues. The cards  will guide you spiritually, bringing you an awareness or knowingness of the situation or relationship on which you seek answers or guide you along your path of life.

The 78 Paths of Wisdom, the Tarot, is more than just a game; it is a powerful way to guide our souls. We would be pleased to assist you on your spiritual path using the Tarot as a tool towards that goal. 

Email Joyce for a new look at your soul through the power of the Tarot

The Three of Cups/Water/Hearts
in our Favorite Four Decks

The Morgan Greer Deck is a traditional
tarot deck, similar to the Rider deck, but more graphically pleasing.

The Inner Child Deck uses fairy tales and playful fantasy figures. It is soothing to those in deep emotional trauma.

The Osho Zen Deck is very contemporary in its graphics and mirrors the moment, presenting what is here and now without judgment.

The Tarot of the Spirit has a basis in the Qabalah and is deeply spiritual in its interpretations.

We offer our Tarot services for free
with love offerings accepted.


Our Tarot Experience

Joyce does most of the tarot readings, but Davie also is experienced with the cards, having learned them through the Rosicrucian Order and the B.O.T.A. mystery school. His main focus, though, is astrology.

Joyce has extensively studied the esoteric meanings of the major arcana through the B.O.T.A. mystery school since 2009. However, she has read cards for her personal and spiritual growth since the mid-1980s.  At that time, there were not many tarot decks from which to choose nor many interpretations that weren't fortune telling or negative.

Today, depending on the question and the individual asking the question, Joyce, sometimes assisted by Davie, uses a variety of positive and spiritual decks and spreads. Some favorites are shown to the left.

Tarot is truly Joyce's love and passion, as is spirituality. Therefore, her readings with clients focus on finding their life's path and purpose, discovering the higher principles at work within their daily lives and problems, and awakening to new possibilities.

The Three of Cups
in the Four Decks

Different decks reflect unique approaches to the energies and lessons that the cards display. To the left are shown the 3 of Cups card (in some decks it is known as Water or Hearts). Each of the four decks are used in our work for different readings.

The number three symbolizes unity, creativity, manifestation and expression.  The suit of Cups /Water/Hearts focuses on feelings, emotions, and/or relationship.

So basically, the 3 of Cups  shows an integration of feelings, unity in a relationship, a child being created -- the proper interpretation depends upon the question.


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