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Writing Your Chakras

Want to know how balanced your energy is? Chakras are the energy centers of the body which if out of balance can cause all kinds of physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual distress. Too much energy contained in one of the seven chakras and not enough in others is very common.

Want to know which particular ones are out of balance? All you need is your handwriting! Since handwriting is expressive movement, it indicates what is happening in the mind and body.  Try reading the handwriting of someone who is drunk or an Alzheimer's patient, and you will soon see how handwriting lets us know what is going on inside our body and inside our mind!

Joyce wrote an unique book on the subject, a workbook that you can use to determine what is going on with your chakras. But it doesn't stop there. Remedies are also provided in the book for balancing the chakras that are out of kilter.  Lots of samples of handwriting included.

Email Joyce for more information or to order the book.



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